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Hyundai Azera: Components and Components Location - Fuses And Relays - Body Electrical System - Hyundai Azera 2011-2019 Service ManualHyundai Azera: Components and Components Location

Component Location

1. Front deicer relay
2. Washer
3. Button Start 3(IG2)
4. Wiper(High)
5. Blower relay
6. Power outlet
7. Wiper(Low)
8. Button Start 2(IG1)
9. Stop lamp
10. Start
11. Cooling fan(Low)
12. Cooling fan(High)
13. Button Start 1(ACC)
14. Fuel pump
15. Rear defogger relay
16. Horn relay
17. ECU relay

Fuses And Relays

Relay Box (Engine Compartment) Components and Components Location
Components ...

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