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Hyundai Azera: Instrument cluster - Features of your vehicle - Hyundai Azera 2011-2019 Owners ManualHyundai Azera: Instrument cluster

1. Tachometer

1. Tachometer
2. Turn signal indicators
3. Speedometer
4. LCD display
5. Fuel gauge
6. Engine coolant temperature gauge
7.Warning and indicator lights

Reverse parking aid function (if equipped)
While the vehicle is moving rearward, the outside rearview mirror(s) will move downward to aid reverse parking. According to the position of the outside rearview mirror switch (1), the outside r ...

Instrument panel illumination
The instrument panel illumination intensity can be adjusted as follows: Ignition switch in the ON position Pushing the control switch up or down The illumination intensity is shown on the ...

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Maintenance service
You should exercise the utmost care to prevent damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself whenever performing any maintenance or inspection procedures. Should you have any doubts concerning the i ...

Lighting control
The light switch has a Headlight and a Parking light position. To operate the lights, turn the knob at the end of the control lever to one of the following positions: (1) OFF position (2) Park ...

Hands Free Switch Repair procedures
Removal 1. Disconnect the negative(-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the steering wheel. (Refer to Steering System - "Steering Column and Shaft") 3. Remove the cover (A) after loosening scre ...


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