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Hyundai Azera: Components and Components Location - Panoramaroof - Body (Interior and Exterior) - Hyundai Azera 2011-2020 Service ManualHyundai Azera: Components and Components Location

Components (1)

1. Roof side molding [RH]
2. Roof side molding [LH]
3. Movable glass assembly
4. Wind deflector assembly
5. Panoramaroof panel assembly
6. Folding cover [RH]
7. Decoration cover [RH]
8. Decoration cover [LH]
9. Roller blind assembly
10. Mechanism rail assembly
11. Front roller blind lower support
12. Rear roller blind lower support
13. Tape
14. Movable glass motor assembly
15. Roller blind motor assembly
16. Folding cover [LH]
17. Folding slide

Components (2)

1. Wind deflector spring assembly
2. Wind deflector link assembly
3. Front glass panel assembly
4. Front glass cover seal
5. Rear glass cover seal
6. Wind deflector fixing plate
7. Weatherstrip
8. Panoramaroof panel assembly
9. Center cover
10. Acoustic seal
11. Rear glass panel assembly
12. Rear glass cover seal
13. Rear rail


Repair procedures
Adjustment Inspect Glass Alignment 1. Check for abnormal noise or bending during operation. 2. With the sunroof fully closed, check for water leakage. 3. The roof panel (B) should be even ...

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