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Hyundai Azera: Fifth generation HG (2011Ц2023)

Fifth generation HG (2011Ц2023)

Fifth generation HG (2011Ц2023)

The Hyundai Azera adds power and efficiency to a model known for its luxurious appointments. The updated large sedan now includes an advanced six-speed automatic transmission and other powertrain refinements raising the bar on fuel economy in its class, while still gaining horsepower.

Fourth generation TG (2006Ц2011)
The Grandeur TG is a full-size sedan introduced for the 2006 model year. A redesigned XG350, it shares a platform with the Sonata. It is sold as the Hyundai Azera in North America, Taiwan, Saudi Ara ...

Hyundai Azera 2011-2023 Owners Manual

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MP3 CD Mode Menu
If you press the key, you will have access to the Repeat, Shuffle, List, Info and Copy features. Repeat Press the  key Select Each time the button is pressed, the feature changes in o ...

Rear parking assist system OFF button
To turn off the rear parking assist system, push the button (the indicator light will illuminate). ...

Parking Brake Assembly Repair procedures
Removal Parking Brake Shoe 1. Raise the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported. 2. Remove the rear tire and wheel. 3. Remove the rear brake caliper and Rear disc brake. (Refer ...


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