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Hyundai Azera: Record your key number - Keys - Features of your vehicle - Hyundai Azera 2011-2023 Owners ManualHyundai Azera: Record your key number

The key code number is stamped on the key code tag attached to the key set. Should

The key code number is stamped on the key code tag attached to the key set. Should you lose your keys, contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. Remove the key code tag and store it in a safe place. Also, record the key code number and keep it in a safe and handy place, but not in the vehicle.

WARNING - Smart key

Leaving children unattended in a vehicle with the smart key is dangerous even if the ENGINE START/STOP button is in the ACC or ON position. Children copy adults and they could press the ENGINE START/STOP button. The smart key would enable children to operate power windows or other controls, or even make the vehicle move, which could result in serious bodily injury or even death. Never leave the keys in your vehicle with unsupervised children, when the Engine is running.


Key operations
Used to start the engine. Used to lock and unlock the doors. Used to lock and unlock the glove box. WARNING - Aftermarket keys Use only HYUNDAI original parts for the ignition key in your v ...

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