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Hyundai Azera: Starting the engine - Engine start / stop button - Driving your vehicle - Hyundai Azera 2011-2024 Owners ManualHyundai Azera: Starting the engine

WARNING - Proper footwear

Always wear appropriate shoes when operating your vehicle. Unsuitable shoes (high heels, ski boots, sandals, etc.) may interfere with your ability to use the brake and accelerator pedal. The inability to properly operate the pedals could result in serious injuries or death.

✽ NOTICE - Kick down switch

If your vehicle is equipped with a kick down switch in the accelerator pedal, it prevents you from driving at full throttle unintentionally by making the driver require increased effort to depress the accelerator pedal. However, if you depress the pedal more than approximately 80%, the vehicle can be at full throttle and the accelerator pedal will be easier to depress. This is not a malfunction but a normal condition.

1. Carry the smart key or leave it inside the vehicle.
2. Make sure the parking brake is firmly applied.
3. Place the shift lever in the P (Park) position.
4. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button while depressing the brake pedal.
5. In extremely cold weather (below 0∞F / -18∞C) or after the vehicle has not been operated for several days, let the engine warm up without depressing the accelerator pedal.

Whether the engine is cold or warm, it should be started without depressing the accelerator pedal.

The engine will start, only when the smart key is in the vehicle.

WARNING - Unintended vehicle movement

Never leave the smart key in the vehicle with children or vehicle occupants who are unfamiliar with the vehicle operation. Pushing the ENGINE START/ STOP button while the smart key is in the vehicle may result in unintended engine activation and/or unintended vehicle movement which could result in serious injuries or death.

If the engine stalls while the vehicle is in motion, do not attempt to move the shift lever to the P (Park) position. If the traffic and road conditions permit, you may put the shift lever in the N (Neutral) position while the vehicle is still moving and press the ENGINE START/STOP button in an attempt to restart the engine.

Do not press the ENGINE START/ STOP button for more than 5 seconds except when the stop lamp fuse is disconnected.

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