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Hyundai Azera: TPMS Receiver Repair procedures - Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Suspension System - Hyundai Azera 2011-2024 Service ManualHyundai Azera: TPMS Receiver Repair procedures

When the receiver first arrives for replacement:
It will be in Virgin State.
It will not be configured for any specific platform.
It will not have any sensor ID's memorized.
It is important to make sure that the correct receiver is used to replace the faulty part i.e. it must be High Line (95800-3M100) in order to have the correct inflation warning thresholds set.
Disconnect vehicle battery.
Remove the rear bumper.
Remove faulty part and fit bracket assembly to new part.

Secure new part to vehicle and fit connector.
Re-connect battery and turn Ignition on.
Vechicle Name Writing

VIN Writing

TPMS Receiver Description and Operation
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